Ras Gee- Justice

Official Release Date: August6, 2021

#Finest Roots Reggae music by Ras Gee

JUSTICE by Ras Gee


So yo seh

Rastafari I Sellasie I


Come to Justices

Come to Justices

Mr sluggard

Come to Justices

Come to Justices

Mr sluggard

Verse 1

I want to know

How you always de get it

You never de tieyer

Any time you want to make it

You just a move it

You not de give a dem about the dos and don’ts each and every day in the life

And you for know seh life not de go like that

Is just a pace that you really need to set

Take a pace don’t you watch anything

JAH go bless cos you know seh he is your choice

He is the one who will always see you in the frown

Take your time cos mi not see no enemy no where

Dem no care dem really not give a dem to what we are always trying to tell them

Me I said that I want to be in Zion that is where you will see what am really doing

I plant the irons due to being a kinky lion but living in Zion

So yo seh

When you wake up they say go school you say you not go go

They say learn work that one too you not go do and when you wake up you jack up just like jigger Gee and just a walk up and trying to see her geegi blaze is not like so you need to really take a pace check your kicks don’t you watch anything

Repeat chorus

Verse 11

Don’t be lazy don’t be just like the Ape check Ibi he is in one place Irish I Rastaman

Mi burn de great am feeling high getting through to the height

You know the thing me I not de stay with them mi know seh them got nothing to dream about

Check this thing am flipping things and twisting my mind but I know them so am standing firm and telling them what?

Check the swag what you see is what you get

You wanna see you really wanna surf with this feeling

Don deliver,don’t you know am kind of rebel don’t be a hater don’t you know am a lion

Repeat chorus


A kinky papa you know me right from the beginning am higher getting through to the height

Making all yeah you don’t know seh am on

Yeah ma lord this your speech is for the lions