Genres: Dance & Electronica, Chillout, Lounge, Dubtech
Vocalists: B Bon, Benjamin Amponsah.
Sound- engineer:  Roots Kid White.
Record Label: mentaltunes rec.
Destination: Düsseldorf, Germany


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#Music Genres: #Dubhouse, #Dubtech,#Electronica 


Sensistar- Dub Reload Vol.5

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Sensistar- Dub Reload Vol.4

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   Official Release Date: May25, 2018   
Sensistar- Inna Di Spacedub
EAN 4061707023361
            New Dub n Dubtech mix of  Sensistar 
produced by mentaltunes rec.
Overdubbed by Roots Kid White.

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Sensistar-Dub Reload, Vol. 3
EAN 4250887848400
Official Release Date: Feb2, 2017

Sensistar- Dub Reload, Vol. 2
EAN 4250701998281
Official Release Date: Dec26, 2016

Sensistar- Dub Reload
EAN 4250701998243
Official Release Date: Dec5, 2016

Sensistar- Dub Zone
EAN 4250928364753
Official Release Date: Jan11, 2016


Sensistar- Roots Radical
EAN 4250701970485
Official Release Date: Dec20, 2013

Sensistar- Chillin Dub Tunes
EAN 4250618811482
Official Release Date: Dec25, 2012

Sensistar- The Truth Is the Light
EAN 4250782450500
Official Release Date: May25, 2015

Sensistar- Lord of Lords
EAN 4250605322304
Official Release Date: Aug29, 2011

Sensistar- One By One
EAN 4250618764283
Official Release Date: Aug8, 2012


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