Ras Gee- Inna Mi Yards

Ras Gee- Inna Mi Yards on Bandcamp


Sensistar- Dub Reload Vol.5

Listen to Sensistar- Dub Reload Vol.5 on Bandcamp 

Sensistar - Dub Reload Vol.4

Listen to Sensistar - Dub Reload Vol.4 on Bandcamp



City Rapper- Beyond the Rivers of Ethiopia

New Ep City Rapper- Beyond the Rivers of Ethiopia 
Official Release Date: Dec27, 2019

New Afrobeat, Afrorap and Dancehall by the northern ghanian artist City Rapper


Ras Gee- Soul Rebel Lion Inna Mi Yards Zion Ghetto

New Reggae album
 Ras Gee- Soul Rebel Lion
Official release date: Jan6, 2019

Ras Gee- Zion Ghetto 
Northern ghanian reggae artist Ras Gee plays 
traditional Dagarti, Reggae and Lovesongs.
Official release date: Oct 28, 2019

Ras Gee dub album 
Inna Mi Yards 
Official release date: Dec16, 2019