Rock Venus- Man No Be Jah

Mixed by M-Fresh Beatz. Production by mentaltunes rec.

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Rock Venus- Something

Mixed by M-Fresh Beatz. Overdubbed by Roots Kid White.

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Rock Venus- She Dey Worry

Mixed by M-Fresh Beatz. Overdubbed by Roots Kid White.

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Rock Venus- Low Battery

Mixed by M-Fresh Beatz. Overdubbed by Roots Kid White.
Official Release Date: Sep 1, 2018

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City Rapper - Akonkogre Tanga

Another traditional afro pop song of Northern Ghana style 

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Ras Gee- Let us live

Ras Gee- Let Us Live
 EAN 4061707024382
Official Release Date: May 28, 2018  


Mzeal- Survival

New west- african streetvibes 

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Boy Safe- You You You

Overdubbed version mixed up by Roots Kid White
mentaltunes rec. 
Original by Danny Beatz Ghana

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Sensistar- Inna Di Spacedub

Dub n Dubtech mix of  Sensistar  produced by mentaltunes rec.
Overdubbed by Roots Kid White.

1 Sensistar- Soulbrother Bamboo ( Be Yourself, EAN 4250444728077 )
2 Sensistar- Be Yourself ( Be Yourself, EAN 4250444728077 )
3 Sensistar- Iron Mount Extended ( Clubtracks, EAN 4250444754441 )
4 Sensistar- Jah People ( Roots Radical, EAN 4250701970485 )
5 Sensistar- The Truth is the Light ( The Truth is the Light, 
EAN 4250782450500 )
6 Sensistar- Don't Worry - Dub Version ( Dub Zone, EAN 4250928364753 )
7 Sensistar- Black N White ( Chillin Dub and Dubhouse Selection, 
EAN 4250444735433 )
8 Sensistar- Dreader Than Dread ( Lord of Lords, EAN 4250605322304 )
9 Sensistar- Brothas and Sistas ( Irie Dropout, EAN 0859700271261 )
10 Sensistar- Afrodelic ( Dub Reload, EAN 4250701998243 )
11 Sensistar- Yeman ( Clubtracks, EAN 4250444728077 )
12 Sensistar- Stone Inside Dub ( Dub Zone, EAN 4250928364753 )
13 Sensistar- Alpha and Omega- The Space Version ( Dub Reload, EAN 4250701998243 ) 
14 Sensistar- Trancendental Skank ( Black Mother Congo, EAN 4250325313170 )
15 Sensistar- Easy Mon Extended( Here comes the Sun, Ean 4251177565229 
16 Sensistar- Mother Nature ( Chillin Dub Tunes, EAN 4250618811482 )

Mzeal- Shootin Star

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Mzeal- Shootin Star
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