Rock Venus- All is for you

Mixed by M- Fresh Beatz

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Cosmic Mantis- Arabic Chill Vol.2

Oriental, ethnic Chillout and Lounge Music
Exclusive pre- sell only at I-Tunes

Official Release Date: Oct29, 2018


Black African Pearls

Official Release Date: Oct1, 2018

Brand new compilation 
Finest Dancehall, Afrobeat, Afropop,
Afrorap and Reggae Music
Trendy selection of west- african music
includin newest tracks of upliftin artists
Rock Venus, Boy Safe, City Rapper, B Bon,
Ras Gee, Mzeal and Stone Dread.


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Boy Safe- You You You

New hit single out now
Overdubbed version mixed up by Roots Kid White
mentaltunes rec. 
Original by Danny Beatz Ghana

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Rock Venus- Twerk

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Rock Venus- Low Battery

Rock Venus- Low Battery
Finest Afrobeat
Mixed by M-Fresh Beatz. 
Overdubbed by Roots Kid White

Official Release Date: Sep 1, 2018

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Ras Gee- Luv Dub

New single edit Ras Gee- Luv Dub
Taken from the album Ras Gee. Chantin Dubz

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Rock Venus- Ewe Rap

Mixed by M-Fresh Beatz
Overdubbed by Roots Kid White
produced by mentaltunes rec.

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Black African Pearls

Brand new compilation Black African Pearls
Finest Dancehall, Afrobeat, Afropop, 
Afrorap and Reggae music! 
Trendy selection of west- african music
 includin newest tracks of upliftin artists 
Rock Venus, Boy Safe, City Rapper, B Bon, 
Ras Gee, Mzeal and Stone Dread.

Official Release Date: Oct1, 2018

1. Rock Venus Low Battery mentaltunes rec. 00:03:07 DEAR41814765
2. Boy Safe You You You mentaltunes rec. 00:03:36 DEAR41817868
3. City Rapper Tuma Paana  mentaltunes rec. 00:05:00 DEAR41819320
4. Stone Dread True Love mentaltunes rec. 00:05:42 DEAR41893107
5. Rock Venus She Dey Worry mentaltunes rec. 00:03:09 DEAR41894969
6. Boy Safe Eno Be Juju mentaltunes rec. 00:03:51 DEAR41759070
7. Mzeal Survival mentaltunes rec. 00:04:04 DEAR41842447
8. Ras Gee Rasta Can Do mentaltunes rec. 00:04:18 DEAR41810421
9. City Rapper Akonkogre Tanga mentaltunes rec. 00:04:28 DEAR41829449
10. Rock Venus Something mentaltunes rec. 00:03:30 DEAR41832718
11. B Bon Sugarbaby mentaltunes rec. 00:03:41 DEAR41728459
12. Mzeal Shootin Star mentaltunes rec. 00:03:13 DEAR41841592
13. Boy Safe Final Ba mentaltunes rec. 00:03:25 DEAR41758663
14. B Bon Bokoo  mentaltunes rec. 00:04:08 DEAR41774178
15. Ras Gee Rasta Move mentaltunes rec. 00:03:39 DEAR41837160
16. Mzeal True  mentaltunes rec. 00:04:44 DEAR41769425