Manadi Lopa

MANADi, which means "sit & share together" in his Sisaala dialect, is from Tumu,
 an African village in the Upper West Region of Ghana. Manadi is a humble & soulful artist
 who speaks to audiences through positive, socially motivated & political songs. 
An insightful songwriter who walks the line between Roots Reggae & African Zongo music
(sung in English & language). Manadi's life in Africa was devided between Nigeria & Ghana,
 where he was exposed & influenced by the indigenous Zongo' s of these regions. 
In Ghana & throughout Africa, Zongo' s are known to be found in the ghettos. 
Passionate about his culture & need to keep it alive, 
Manadi' s music encompasses these beautifully rich & traditional Zongo flavours. 
Zongo music traditionally incorporated balafon (xylophone), molo (2 string gourde guitar) 
& kalangu (talking drum). Now living in Australia, additional Western instrumentation complement the traditional African with language, drumbeats & guitar rythms remaining untouched. 
Manadi sings of his own enlightenment through songs that resonate universally. 
His tracks explore human connection, daily struggle, positivity & embrace his enduring belief 
in the transformative power of love in all of its incarnations.
Record Labels: mentaltunesrec., Itropica Music

Available Nov24, 2023

#Manadilopa #Worldmusic #Traditional 

#Africanfolk #Acoustic

released by Itropica Music

Manadi Lopa- Wi sey

Available October13, 2023

#Reggae #Dancehall #Dub

Manadi Lopa- One World 

12 tracks album


Manadi Lopa- One Dollar
prod by Itropica Music
mixed by Roots Kid White
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#reggae #dancehall #roots



Official Release Date: Jan20, 2023

Manadi Lopa- Another Version

℗ Itropica Music

#Reggae #Electronic #Dancehall

Official Release Date: Jan13, 2023

Manadi Lopa- Don`t give up
#Reggae #Rootsreggae

Official Release Date: Jan6, 2023

#Reggae #Rootsreggae

Manadi Lopa- Chatty Mouth

Official Release Date: Dec30, 2022

Manadi Lopa- Zaman Lafiya

#African #Dub #Traditional 


℗ mentaltunes rec.

Official Release Date: August19, 2022

Manadi Lopa- Peace to the Nations
produced by mentaltunes rec.

#Reggae #Rootsreggae #Dub 

Official Release Date: April29, 2022

Manadi Lopa- True Love

#Reggae #Reggaemusic

  Official Release Date: April1, 2022