Productions of mentaltunes rec. are released since 2008 by producer and sound- engineer 
Roots Kid White, a member of the project Sensistar (african- german dub soundsystem founded in 1999). 
Further projects of mentaltunes rec. are
Cosmic Mantis,
 specialised in Chillout and Ambient music;
Pop and Reggae singer B Bon, former bass player of Boombaya (pre-group of Osibisa
 and The Blackbirds),
he joined Sensistar in the beginning of the year 2000;
mentaltunes rec. is collaborating
 with uplifting artists from Ghana ( West- africa)
 Ras Gee, Alo One, City Rapper, 
 Boy Safe, The Groupp, Ren Cobby, Mzeal, Rock Venus, Stone Dread and Kingchader!
Sound engineer Roots Kid White sets the focus on Lounge,
 Dub, Reggae, Chillout, House, Worldmusic, Ambient Dub, Afrobeats,
Dancehall etc......

Music produced by mentaltunes rec. can be found on labels
 like feiyr, We Love To Lounge, Tokyo Women Records, 
Baccara Music, Mofalco Recordings,
Salon Lounge Recordings, Merging-Records, DAD MEDIA,
 Brazilian House Grooves, Ibiza Lounge Rec., Final House Rec. (Spain) 
and many more...

Nu compilations out now


 Ras Gee
Location: Greater Accra, Ghana
Main genres: Reggae, Dub, Dancehall

 Current releases:
       The project Sensistar was founded by Roots Kid White.  
    Vocalists are B Bon, Benjamin Amponsah  and Joe the Lion . 
    An african- german soundsystem was created, which improves in many genres of electronic music.
    Experimental stuff....spaced out into new galaxies of soundscapes! 
    A new aera of innovative dub lifted up with broken junglebeats, 
    minimal techhouse, 2step, house, worldfusion, chillout and ambient dub.
Current releases:

Cosmic Mantis
 Location: Düsseldorf, Germany. Producion of electronic soundz specialised in
Chillout, Ambient, Dub, Trance, House, Worldfusion....
dubby soundscapes mixed up with
a pinch of global soundz to relax your mind!

Current releases:
 Cosmic Mantis releases on compilations:  

Alo One
 Location: Greater Accra, Ghana 
Main Genres: dub, reggae, dancehall, chillout 
   Nu Dub EP
Hear Me Now
 Reggae and Dancehall
singer Alo One
 comes along with fresh dub tracks
 outta sweet africa.
Children of Zion

     B Bon , former bass player and singer of Boombaya 
(pre-group of "Osibisa" and "The Blackbirds" in the seventies). 
In the eighties he performed together with late masterdrummer Aja Ade
 and Mustafa Tetteh Ade in the "Drummers Group". 
In 1995 he was joining the Reggaegroup B2, 
then joined the german dub project Sensistar in 2001! 

B Bon releases on compilations:

City Rapper
 Location: Greater Accra, Ghana 
Main Genres: Afrobeats, Hiphop, Dancehall, Reggae

out now...