Ivo Manifest - Jungle World

Available June14, 2024

#reggae #funkyreggae #electronic

Ivo Manifest - Jungle World
released by Upper Stars Recordz
mixed by Roots Kid

A world of wickedness, a world where one man sees another as non equals. 
Instead of a brother he sees him as a scapegoat. 
A world where people kill one another because of vanity, 
just like in wild life with the animals. So is man to man.


Roots Kid- Distance

Available May31, 2024

#electronic #chill

Roots Kid- Distance

released by Upper Stars Recordz


t3inity- Insult

Available May28, 2024

t3inity- Insult
℗ t3inity recordz

t3inity is one of the most inspirational artist with his unique vocal to sing, 
creates astonishing sound with his own unique way of delivering afro music, this 
track was inspired by things the less privileged men and women face on the planet 
when people cannot see beyond your physical attributes, this has lead to many insult 
we face daily from people around us making a lot of us feel less of ourself, tearing 
our image and self worth down. t3inity is calling all humans that is going through 
this challenge to wake up and jack up and start taking steps to better their minds 
and to feel good bout their selves and decisions, no matter what the challenges may be.


Roots Kid- Smooth

Available May24, 2024

#lounge  #electronic #drumnbass

released by Upper Stars Recordz



Ivo Manifest- Boyfriends friend

Available May3, 2024

#Alternative #Electronic
Released by Upper Stars Recordz
Mixed by Roots Kid


Cosmic Mantis- Roots n Culture

Available April26, 2024

Released by Itropica Music
#Ambient Dub #Deeptech 
#Lounge #Electronic



Roots Kid- Soundbwoi

Available April5, 2024

Released by Upper Stars Recordz
#Dubhouse #Electronic #Lounge