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Get 4Tracks EP Cosmic Mantis- Breeze
Main Genre: Chillhouse, Lounge, Easy Listening
Production by mentaltunes rec.
Official Release Date: March12, 2021
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Pre-Order: Various Artists- Sunny Island Vol.1
Total length: 1h36min34sec
Main Genre: Chill, Lounge, Dub, Reggae
Including Cosmic Mantis, Sensistar, Ras Gee,
Alo One, B Bon, City Rapper 
Production by mentaltunes rec.
Official Release Date: April30, 2021


Pre-Order: Cosmic Mantis- Equatorial Barbeque, Single Edit 
Track length: 4:21min
Main Genre: Chillstep, Lounge, Instrumental
Official Release Date: April30, 2021


Pre- Order: New Afrobeat banger "Go Down Love" 

3Tracks Maxi Single. 
Lyrics and Vocals by City Rapper. 
Music by Roots Kid White. 
Production by mentaltunes rec. 
Official Release Date: April16, 2021

Pre -order 4tracks EP Tropical Landing 
Official Release Date: March 26, 2021
#Dubtech n Chill tuned
Music by Cosmic Mantis
Production by mentaltunes rec. 
EAN 4061707518218

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Pre-Order City Rapper- Quinch Love Single Edit:
Out of the house of mentaltunes rec.
New afrobeat midtempo track 126BPM, length: 3:53min,
lyrics and vocals by City Rapper 
created in the tropical suburbans of Deeper Accra , Ghana
Music by Roots Kid White
Official Release Date: April 9, 2021
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Get 4tracks EP Cosmic Mantis- Ethnology Dub + Art Cover 
Electronic, Electro Dub, Chill
Official Release Date: Feb 19, 2021

Ras Gee- Inna Mi Yards  12track full album 
Official Release Date: Dec16,2019
Dubwise selection produced by mentaltunes rec.