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This is after he came back to Africa from America. 
See Haha fest in mask age he is not maskrude just in art parade 
the ex Fela guitarist is actually Jagafest for the world information

New releases

Lion and Tiger Part One ( Soft Version )
#African #Singer #Songwriter #Acoustic #Folk

Official Release Date; August19, 2022

Jagafest: Chorus. Lion n tiger they are brothas they will never
 fight each other they will never hurt one anotha    
they  will only make you think say them go fight them go make you think say them go fight but after them make you think say them go fight them dey sleep on the same bed and they will eat on the same table they will eat on the same table after they eat on the same table them dey go sleep on the same bed.
 Jagafest: Vs 1. men that supposed to be king see them dey pose with chicken wing  every now and then they will bring lion and tiger into the boxing ring, just to make the people think say them go fight,  don't say politics say politricks just to turn the peoplevuh  e into chicken and chicks and to make the people BBB eat stone and sticks ( lion n tiger them are brothers 2x. ) Vs 2, who no know lion n tiger call them cat  you want tell cat to have mercy on rat look at him and tell him how to start that will  make you hit the chart just like that now they try  to fix their mix with kiss every body saw their clips n their flips from the head office came the animal kicks louder than words their action speaks ( chorus )
 Jagafest: Don't mind the BBB
 Jagafest: Rap. If you see them in kata kata don't put mouth in their matter lion n tiger knows bether they will still go shake hands latter fish never figth against water if you see bread you will see butter.  
( Lion n tiger them are brothers x2 )


Official Release Date: July29, 2022

#Acoustic #Singer #Songwriter #Folk 

#African #Traditional #Fusion


5tracks EP

Itropica Music


produced by Itropica Music

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New versions

Jagafest -No Woman No Stress

Official Release Date: June17, 2022


Official Release Date: May6, 2022

Jagafest- Crocodile
3tracks album

#Highlife #Singer #Songwriter #Traditional #African 

produced by Itropica Music

Official Release Date: April29, 2022

#Singer #Songwriter #Traditional #African #Acoustic 
Production by Itropica Music



          produced by Itropica Music 

        5tracks album

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Official Release Date: April 15, 2022