King Chader

King Chader is a Ghanaian Afro-pop ,
hiphop n hiplife artist.He rose to fame with hit singles
Famami and Wobejeimu. He has been working hard
perfecting his skills in the Ghanaian music industry and has done
collaborative works with the likes of Danni Wizi, Brainybeats,
Bigworm, Jai Amore, A-Boiz and Amaa Rae. His initial
involvement with music started way back in his early twenties
at Asafo, a suburb of Kumasi. As a solo act he easily
embodied the greatness and perseverance that reflected a tough,
unforgiving and ambitious Ghetto life. He met to see
who is who in rap competitions. He deserves several awards
such as Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, Hiplife Artist of the Year,
Hiplife Song of the Year
and Hiplife Album of the Year all in 2015 Ghana Music Awards.
Collaboration with international artists
Amaa Rae, Jai Bigworm and Jai Amore.

Listen to KingChader- Airhostess Version 
on Soundcloud

                 Various Artists- Afrosmash, Vol. 1
                EAN 4251177521317
                     Official Release Date: Oct2, 2017

Hit soundz...newest compilation Afrosmash Vol.1
produced by mentaltunes rec.! Dancehall, Afrobeats, Afropop, Hiplife, Rap
and Reggae tunes outta sweet africa!
 Created in the suburbs of Greater Accra/ Ghana,
kickin the thing to the point! West- african music at his best
performed by upliftin artists:
Ras Gee, Kingchader, City RapperB Bon, Ren Cobby,
The Groupp, Boy Safe and Mzeal
 mixed up by sound- engineer Roots Kid White!

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